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Liang Wengen Listed in “Forbes Biographies of Chinese”

On August 21, Forbes headquarters informed Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., that Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., was listed in “Forbes Biographies of Chinese”(Volume 2003-2008).

Chief editor of Forbes China said: private enterprises featuring extraordinary creativity and hard-working spirit have become the major component of Chinese economy, and they are also the driving force for China’s marketization. Such Forbes Biographies of Chinese is a spur and reference to Chinese entrepreneurs.

According to Forbes, Liang Wengen, the superexcellent representative of Chinese private entrepreneurs, spent 10 years cultivating Sany Group into one of the world’s largest concrete machinery manufaturers, and now, the group’s competitive products (trailer-mounted concrete pumps and truck-mounted concrete pumps) take up 50% shares in Chinese market; additionally, its rotary drilling rig and crawler crane have developed into domestic first-class brands.

Also, Liang Wengen was awarded “The Best Employer of Chinese Listed Companies” for two consecutive years since the previous year.

Since its founding in 2003, Forbes China has interviewed over 600 pioneering entrepreneurs, government officials promoting development of market economy, celebrities with pioneerining spirit from sports, entertainment, and culture circles, as well as investment elites in Chinese capital market, in which it screened 200 representatives performing well in business mode, industrial innovation, and market status, in addition to collecting their pioneering stories, life experiences, and business wisdom into “Forbes Biographies of Chinese”.

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