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Sany Crawler Crane Lifted up the World’s Highest Ferris Wheel

Currently, the world’s highest Ferris Wheel has been officially put into use in Marina City of Singapore, and such a Ferris Wheel is touted as “Singapore Flier” owing to its 165 meters of height and 28 cabins of accommodation, of which each cabin is 4m long and 7m wide, which can accommodate 26 persons and provide the tourists with a 360-degree panorama.

During the construction period, one 50t Sany crane was working at the Ferris Wheel construction site and the crane is the first Sany crawler crane purchased by its Singapore-based customer. Meanwhile, it has received high praise from customers with its stable performance and prominent quality. By far, such 50t crawler cranes have always maintained sound working status and encountered no significant failure since entering the construction site.

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