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Sany Trailer-mounted Concrete Pump Helps Cultivate “Waterproof Coat” for Liuyang River Tunnel

Presently, three Sany HBT60A-1406 gate valve trailer-mounted concrete pumps are being used to construct a “Waterproof Coat” for Liuyang River Tunnel. As one section of Wuhan-Guangzhou Passenger Dedicated Line, Liuyang River Tunnel, located in the east of Changsha City, Hunan Province, is 10.115 km long, and it starts from the south of West Xiaoxiang Road and passes through 8 urban trunk roads and highway trunks(like West Xiaoxiang Road and Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway); also, it spans over Liuyang River to extend to the airport expressway. By far, Liuyang River Tunnel is China’s first shallow-lying single-hole double-line railway tunnel passing through cities, expressways and rivers, and it is also the longest tunnel featuring the most complicated construction among China’s ongoing railway passenger-dedicated lines.

Waterproof processing serves as the most important part in underwater tunnel construction. During the construction process, full-sealing waterproof technoloogy was employed in the tunnel, and it leveraged various means (like water-blocking before digging, waterproof processing before implementing secondary lining, self-waterproof in secondary lining, and waterproof processing at construction joints and deformed joints) to provide a three-layer “Waterproof Coat” for the tunnel. To ensure the concrete pump’s normal operating, the Project Department of China Railway No.1 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. finallly determined to employ three high-performance Sany HBT60A-1406 gate valves to complete the concrete pump’s transmission work in the tunnel after several tests.

It was revealed from Liao Mingwei (a service engineer) that Sany trailer-mounted concrete pumps have been stationed at the construction site as of the kickoff of the tunnel construction. Now, these pumps are embarking on the tunnel’s roof concrete infusing. Liao added: the trailer-mounted concrete pump’s underground construction is the same as their operation on ground. Thanks to safe and stable equipment performance, the tunnel construction is going on smoothly. Liuyang River Tunnel’s construction period will last for 18 months, and it will be completed and put into use before June 2009.

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