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Introduction to Sany Group
Introduction to Sany Group

SANY Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1989. In 18 years, bearing the enterprise aim of “Top enterprise, Top talents, Top contribution”, SANY Group built up the industry renowned “SANY” brand. At Present, SANY Group owns a staff of more than 21000. In 2007, the sales volume was 13.5 billion RMB increased by 65% than that of last year. Oversea sales volume broke out 20 million and SANY hence become the first enterprise with sales volume over 10 billion since the foundation of P.R. China.

The business scope of SANY Group is construction equipment manufacture. The leading products include construction machinery (truck-mounted concrete pump, trailer-mounted concrete pump,  concrete batching plant etc.), road machinery (motor grader, roller, asphalt paver, asphalt batching plant, cold milling machine etc.), excavator, piling machinery (rotary drilling rig etc.), crawler crane, trenchless equipment (horizontal directional driller etc.) harbor machinery (reach stacker etc.) and coal mine machinery (tunneling machine, miner etc.)

At present, SANY has become involved in all aspects of construction machinery manufacturing. Among her products, SANY’s concrete machinery, piling machinery and crawler crane have already become the first brand in China. The domestic market share of truck-mounted concrete pump is as high as 56%. And the production & sales volume of truck-mounted concrete pump top the world in recent three years.

SANY is the biggest concrete machinery manufacturer around the globe, one of the top 50 construction equipments manufacturer in the world and top 500 of China enterprise. Meanwhile, SANY has been honored the strongest construction machinery enterprise in comprehensive profit and competitiveness, Forbes Top Enterprise of China, Most Hopeful Self-owned Brand of China, Most Competitive Brand of China, one of the Top 500 Asian Brand. As the key member of SANY Group, SANY Heavy Industry was listed in Shanghai Stock Market on July 3, 2007, which is also the first company successes in China’s share structure reform, and its market value in the stock market is the largest among listed companies in China’s construction machinery field.

Each year, SANY would put 5% of sales revenue on R & D. It aims at upgrading its products to the world top level with the tenet of “Quality Changes the World”. Now SANY has its own working station for post-PhD employees, which have become one of the country’s top technical development centres, obtained more than 334 authorized patents and 50 key technologies. SANY was also honored the second prize of National Technology Progress, China Famous Trademark, inspection-free product of China, China Famous Product. In October of 2007, SANY’s 66m truck-mounted concrete pump was assessed as the longest trucked-mounted boom by Guinness World Records.

In China, SANY has established five industrial parks in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang, Kunshan and Changsha. In the globe, SANY’s business has covered over 130 countries with 12 overseas subsidiaries, and its products have already been exported in batch to more than 80 countries and areas. At the same time, SANY invested in India and US to establish its manufacture and R & D base locally. According to schedule, SANY will establish plants in Belgium etc.

On October 3rd, 2003, Hu Jintao, President of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC), visited SANY and encouraged SANY staff, commenting, “You have achieved a glorious past. I hope you can unite heartedly and create a better future!” Hereafter, Wen Jiabao, Political Bureau of CPC and Prime Minister of PRC; Jia Qinglin, Political Bureau of CPC and Chairman of China National Consultation Committee of the CPPCC; Zeng Qinghong, Political Bureau of CPC and Vice President of the PRC; Huang Ju ,Vice Premier and Standing Committee Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Zhou Yongkang, Member of Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee came to visit SANY successively.

Chairman Liang Wengen was the major founder of Sany Group, the Representative of 17th CPC National Congress, and 8th, 9th, and 10th National People’s Congress, National Working Model, National Outstanding Private Entrepreneur, Outstanding Builder for Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, CCTV Economic People of China, Forbes Best Boss of Chinese Listed Company, winner of “Mundell World Manager Achievement Prize”

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